Silvertex-System für Tankgrößen bis 120 Liter

WM Aquatec Silvertex® System...

Clean pure drinking water for your boat, caravan or motorhome

The use of Silver to purify water is not new. Thousands of years ago the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all used silver to purify and preserve water on their long voyages. Forward wind a couple of thousand years and we find the American pioneers putting silver dollars in their water flasks before setting off to create their great new world, and when the time came to explore space, it was silver NASA settled on to purify the water on the Space Shuttle.

So for thousands of years travellers and adventurers have enjoyed the luxury of safe, pure drinking water while today most of us dare not drink from our onboard supply. Some of us use filters of course, but if we're not careful the filter itself can provide perfect breeding conditions for yet more nasties.

Fortunately things have now changed. WM Aquatec, working together with the German Institute for Medical Microbiology & Hygiene and the Technical University of Dresden, have devised an entirely new and scientific way to protect the entire on-board water system for a whole year at a time - and it takes only seconds to install.

The Aquatec 'Silvertex' system consists of an ingenious and precisely engineered mesh coated in silver ions – all you have to do is place the mesh into your fresh water tank and you can relax in the knowledge that your entire water system will stay fresh for at least 12 months. The system completely replaces chemicals and filters for water preservation and is available in two sizes depending on tank capacity.

German Technology

Place the Silvertex® in the tank...

Fill with water - job done!

12 months of fresh sterile drinking water guaranteed.