WM Aquatec Silvertex® System...

Clean pure drinking water for your boat, caravan or motorhome

German Technology

Drinking water – our most precious resource

Your fresh water tank is like a huge swimming pool for germs.

After a few hours, bacteria and other microorganisms already proliferate at a high rate. You can see this in the slimy film covering the inner surface of your fresh water tank and water pipes.

This so called biofilm provides optimal conditions for the proliferation of bacteria and protects them from external influences.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid the formation of biofilms from the start and deprive bacteria and microorganisms of their natural habitat – ideally, in a reliable way and without major effort!

Protection of drinking water against microbial contamination

The Silvertex® System prevents the formation of biofilms in your entire fresh water system thereby protecting you and your family from contaminated drinking water – in a reliable way without daily dosing of chemical additives.

The Silvertex®-System has been developed and tested in co-operation with the German Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene and the Technical University of Dresden.

How does the Silvertex®-System work?

Long-term protection for your fresh water system

The effect of the Silvertex® System is based on the application of pure silver ions (Ag+). Silver ions inactivate / kill bacteria, viruses and fungi / yeast in a very efficient way by attacking the microorganisms at various levels:

1. Solvation

Water molecules (H2O) dissolve away silver ions (Ag+) from the silver-coated fibres of the fabric.

2. Fluidization

Filling the tank or driving your vehicle – the motion of these activities guarantees the distribution of silver ions into every corner of your fresh water system.

3. Contact surface

The netlike structure provides a large silver-coated surface thereby ensuring a fast conservation of your entire fresh water system.

Conservation of drinking water with Silvertex® is easy, safe and sterile

Your guarantee for sterile drinking water during your holidays. The conservation technology Silvertex® is used for the prevention and elimination of biologic contamination such as germs, viruses and fungi. The System installed in the fresh water tank of boats, mobile homes and caravans guarantees that a controlled amount of silver ions with a biocidal effect is dissolved into the surrounding drinking water.

Your benefits: